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Partnering with CMRA

In addition to training educators directly, the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy is proud to partner with a wide variety of organizations to offer our training, curriculum, certification, and other services. Below are some of the approaches we take toward partnership, as well as some of the partners that CMRA has worked with.

Partnerships at a Glance

Training Partnerships: For schools, school districts, and educational organizations that need to have multiple teachers trained and certified. 
US School Partnerships: For US-based schools and school districts seeking ongoing training and support for their educators as well as certification, curriculum, and virtual robotics services for their students. 
International Educational Providers: For internationally-based educational organizations seeking to utilize Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy certifications, curriculum, and virtual robotics services for their customers. This form of partnership is non-exclusive.
Educational Partnerships: For large school districts, large informal education providers, Ministries of Education, and institutions of higher learning seeking to scale training, certification, curriculum, and virtual robot services in their region. This form of partnership is may be exclusive with minimum committed milestones. 


Training Partnership

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy trainers have traveled the world to offer professional development around mobile robotics, robotics technician competencies, coding, and other CS-STEM topics. CMRA will customize these training sessions to meet the needs of your educators and the amount of time allotted. Hybrid options are available, either fully online or as a split between in-person and online training. Ideal candidates for Training Partnerships are formal and informal educational providers with 6+ teachers in need of training. Please contact us for more information. 

US-Based School and School District Partnerships

Implementing robotics programs involves many moving pieces. Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy partners with individual schools and school districts to bring more predictability and greater learning outcomes in their robotics programs. In these partnerships, CMRA provides ongoing support with training, curriculum, and certifications. Schools can leverage the robot kits that they have with this partnership, or choose from our virtual-enabled options to have everything needed for our research-based and classroom-ready robotics implementations. Please contact us for more information or complete the US-Based CMRA Bundle Package Agreement to get started. 

International Educational Providers

As demand for Robotics, Computer Science, and STEM subjects continues to grow, educational organizations all around the world need to continually foster their ability to deliver such content. CMRA partners with international educational providers to train their staff, provide ongoing support, and enable authorized use of our research-based curriculum and certifications with their customers and in their communities. Providers can leverage physical robotics kits alongside our materials or utilize our virtual-enabled options. Please contact us for more information or complete the Internationally-Based CMRA Bundle Package Agreement to get started. Please note that all international engagements are screened and reviewed by Carnegie Mellon University prior to approval. 

Educational Partnerships

With an Educational Partnership, education-based institutions (including both non-profit and for-profit, and US-based and international) form an agreement with Carnegie Mellon University to distribute CMRA training, curriculum, and certifications in their region. Employees of Educational Partners are trained directly by CMRA as Certified Master Trainers, capable of training and certifying educators, who can then teach and certify students. Educational Partners benefit from implementation guidance and support directly from CMRA, as well as exclusive CMRA branding and promotional materials. Educational Partners commit to reaching a target number of student enrollments each year. Please contact us for more information. 

Past and current Educational organizations who have partnered with CMRA for a project.

Past and current corporate organizations that have either partnered with CMRA on a project or manufactures robotics hardware that is used in CMRA curriculum.

Past and current foundations or funders who have supported CMRA’s projects.


Past and current informal educational organizations that have partnered with CMRA on a project.

Past and current competitions that CMRA supports through partnerships, training, or curriculum.