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Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

Use educational affordances of robotics to create CS-STEM opportunities for all learners


ROBOTC Curriculum for TETRIX and LEGO® MINDSTORMS uses the base materials for the LEGO® MINDSTORMS but adds on TETRIX-specific lessons as well as dozens of PDF files to teach the TETRIX platform.

Teachers will find a robust multi-media curriculum for the full range of ROBOTC programming activities. Step-by-step lessons cover the fundamentals of building and basic robotic movements through more complex robot behaviors using the touch and ultrasonic sensors. Many examples of commented code are provided to reinforce ROBOTC programming concepts such as loops, thresholds, and timers.

Many challenges are included to build friendly competition into the learning process! Teachers will find classroom-ready quizzes an important teaching tool to test students’ comprehension.

Take advantage of over 300 pages of printed lessons that you can use in your classroom or for self-paced individual training.