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NXT Video Trainer 2.0

The NXT Video Trainer 2.0 is a multimedia curriculum designed to teach behavior-based programming to students, teachers, and coaches alike, using the LEGO® MINDSTORMS Education NXT Software. In a classroom or workshop setting, it is also designed to act as the teacher’s assistant, driving primary instruction with over 70 short videos, animations, and built-in Check Your Understanding questions that allow learners to work at their own pace, freeing up instructors to provide more strategic assistance.

Programming: NXT-G Common Palette, Movement, Wait Until behaviors, Touch Sensor, Light Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, Sound Sensor, Thresholds / Loops, Switches / Switch-Loops, Iterative Program Design

STEM: Iterative Problem Solving, Linear proportionality, Greater Than/Less Than, Technological systems

  • NEW…! Advanced Programming – New in 2.0! Advanced programming section covers Data hubs, Data types, Variables, Calculations, and Logic
  • Getting Started – Getting started with your NXT, including batteries and firmware.
  • Behaviors – Step-by-step guided instruction mixed with student exploration and reflective analysis of the robot’s behavior. Learn robot behaviors in an intuitive, logical sequence starting with simple movement, adding sensor guidance, and finally advanced decision-making capability. A lesson-specific challenge at the end of each section allows you to truly test your understanding and programming ability.
  • Problem Solving Challenge – Learn an iterative approach to problem-solving and programming as you tackle a multi-step obstacle course (with a little help, of course).
  • Basics – Primers and reference for reinforcing and enriching your understanding of the NXT and robotics.
  • Additional Challenges – Additional challenges for use as practice or classroom activities. Supplemental challenges are aligned with learner progression through the main activity sequence, so there will always be a suitable challenge available.

One LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT Education Kit (9797) and one computer for every individual or group of up to 4 students. Each computer should have access to this curriculum and LEGO® MINDSTORMS Education NXT software.

Designed to encourage independent learning and problem-solving in pursuit of a goal. All lessons are self-contained, require a minimum of instructor supervision, and include many built-in opportunities to self-assess progress. Prior robotics experience not required or assumed!