Carnegie Mellon University

International Spouse and Partners Gathering (ISPG)

The staff of OIE extends a warm welcome to all new and returning students and scholars and their partners and spouses. The International Spouses and Partners Gathering (ISPG) is a social group that plans activities and provides support to the spouses and partners of Carnegie Mellon's international graduate students and visiting scholars.

We invite spouses and partners (men and women) from all over the world and from every Carnegie Mellon department to join the ISPG. The purpose of our organization is to spend time with spouses and partners - both international and domestic - to share our cultural backgrounds and lifestyles and to discuss little and big worries and pleasures while living in "the Burgh." This is a good way to make new friends who may share your concerns, including language barriers, making new friends and free time (maybe too much of it!). New friends can share these experiences and help make your stay in this country a pleasant one.

ISPG events are social and usually informal, and kids are often included. And, if you are the spouse or partner – you are always welcome to come without your “other half” (student or scholar).  Sometimes Carnegie Mellon students and scholars are very busy, which is a great reason for you to come out and make new friends!