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Be Well at CMU

At Carnegie Mellon University, we believe our individual and collective well-being is rooted in healthy connections, to each other and to campus resources. How we care for ourselves and others is important to our success. There are a wide variety of resources, opportunities, and people that want to help you thrive inside and outside of the classroom.

Please sign up for our monthly BeWell@CMU e-newsletter that offers a comprehensive resource for CMU students, faculty and staff regarding wellness inspired events, announcements, and professional and personal development opportunities. Simply complete the following form and we’ll be happy to add you to our d-list. 

Asking for help is a sign of strength. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please use our contact information and allow us to point you in the right direction. New initiatives are created on a regular basis here at CMU, and perhaps you have an idea that would enhance our community. We would love to hear from you. Every voice matters as we continually enhance the quality of life for students, faculty, and staff, and community partners. Join us in our shared commitment to engage and to empower.

Angie Lusk
Program Director for Student Affairs Wellness Initiatives

Student Affairs Health & Well-Being Events


You can explore these events and more on the Student Affairs calendar, which offers additional virtual engagement opportunities for CMU students and community members.

Get Some Headspace

Meditation and mindfulness have been shown to help people stress less, focus more and even sleep better. Headspace is one tool for mindful living. Student Affairs Wellness Initiatives is proud to offer current CMU students, faculty and staff a free subscription to Headspace – a mindfulness tool that leverages meditation, sleep, focus, and movement to improve your health and happiness. 

 Looking to develop a meditation practice? Try the 10-day beginner’s course called the Basics that will teach you the essentials of meditation in Meditate Mode.

 Looking to integrate mindfulness into your fitness routine? Try the Get Moving 30-Day Program with former Olympian – Leon in Move Mode.

 Looking to create a wind down routine? Try the Wind Down meditations, paired with your favorite Sleepcast. 

 Looking for some focus music as a backdrop to studying? Try Lo-Fi Beats and John Legend's curated playlist of the month to get started.  

Current CMU community members can redeem a full Headspace subscription here. Then download the Headspace app to your phone from the App Store or Google Play. Please log in with your email address to receive the free subscription.  

Specific questions regarding Carnegie Mellon's relationship to Headspace can be directed to Angie Lusk, Program Director for Student Affairs Wellness Initiatives.