Carnegie Mellon University

2010 News Articles




BioSAC Annual Murder Mystery Dinner: Murder, A “Pre-Med”itated Affair

Nathan N. Urban Named Head of Carnegie Mellon's Department of Biological Sciences

Aaron Mitchell Named Editor-in-Chief of Eukaryotic Cell

Alumna Danielle Eytan Awarded First Place at the American Heart Association's Fellows Research Day

Amy Burkert Named Vice Provost for Education




Richard Gerkin Receives National Research Service Award

Graduate Student Appreciation Week

BioSAC's "Accidental Scientific Discoveries" Booth at Spring Carnival

Biological Sciences Presents at TCNP Meeting

International Team of Biologists Breathe New Life Into Ancient Mammoth Blood

Biological Sciences Participates in the Meeting of the Minds

Messages from Qatar

Congratulations Biological Sciences Graduates

Carnegie Mellon Receives $1M from HHMI to Support Undergraduate Research

Ready, Set, SURP!

2010 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

Summer Session Ends in Qatar




Alan Waggoner Receives ISAC Distinguished Service Award

Josef Franke Awarded AHA Fellowship

Scavenger Hunt Outreach Event with High School Students

Kellie Kravarik Receives Goldwater Honorable Mention

Researchers Create Fluorescent Biosensor To Aid in Drug Development

The 2010 Summer Undergraduate Research Program Comes to a Close

Department Hosts Science Outreach Event for Middle School Students

Researchers Turn up Brightness

Neuronal Diversity Makes a Difference

Gathering Area Dedicated in Memory of Bill Brown




Joel Stiles Appears in "Career Gates: STEM" Film

Hollinger and Bone Tissue Engineering Center Receive Defense Department Research Grant To Help Injured Soldiers

Burkert Honored by Carnegie Mellon’s Alumni Association

Urban and Padmanabhan Paper Among Top 7 Papers in Neuroscience for October

Undergraduates Teach a DNA Lab to High School Students

High School Students Explore the Diversity of the Ocean in Outreach Event

Researchers Discover Mechanism for Signaling Receptor Recycling