Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, April 19, 2010

BioSAC Carnival

BioSAC Booth at Spring Carnival

The Biological Sciences Student Advisory Council (BioSAC) unveiled their “Accidental Scientific Discoveries” booth to alumni, students and visitors during Carnegie Mellon University’s annual Spring Carnival and Reunion Weekend on April 15-17.

The booth was inspired by the overall Carnival theme of “History with a Twist” and included depictions of influential accidents that shaped present day science. Penicillin, the polio vaccine, x-rays, and the pacemaker are just a few of the accidents portrayed.

Additionally, the booth contained two games for visitors to participate in. Within the first game, visitors would fill in the blanks regarding accidental scientific discoveries, while the second game dealt with matching antibodies to their correct antigens.

The BioSAC booth committee, chaired by Lynley Doonan and co-chaired by Lyndsey Grey, spent innumerable hours planning and constructing as well as manning the booth throughout the three-day event. “Our group worked through the night to pull together a difficult booth. The memories that I have of building the booth with other dedicated individuals will last a lifetime,” said Doonan.

Dr. Maggie Braun served as advisor to the booth committee. Lynley Doonan, Alex Doonan, Jack Doonan, Dr. Maggie Braun, Quinn Wiesmann, Claire Koechlein, Ian Campbell, Lianne Cohen, Lyndsey Grey, Sunguk Choi, Lyndsey Fong, Devin McGuier, Josh Plotnik, Priyanka Venkatesh, Mridula Nadamuni, Tim Helbig, Katherine Bonnington, Steph Guerra, Sandy Roh, and Nick DelRose assisted in creating and building the booth. Lastly, Lynley Doonan, Alex Doonan, Quinn Wiesmann, Amy Wang, Claire Koechlein, Ian Campbell, Lianne Cohen, Lyndsey Grey, Lyndsey Fong, Kelly Shibuya,  Josh Plotnik, Molly Evans, Beth Aguila, Susan Alfs, Devin Prior, Priyanka Venkatesh, Mridula Nadamuni, Tim Helbig, Steph Guerra, Sandy Roh, Kelsey Murray, Rachel Ehrlich, Sharon Briggs, and Nick DelRose manned the booth.