Carnegie Mellon University

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Murder Mystery 2010

BioSAC Annual Murder Mystery Dinner

On February 1 and 2, the Biological Sciences Student Advisory Council (BioSAC) presented the two-act play, Murder, A “Pre-Med”itated Affair. This suspenseful installment of the group’s annual Murder Mystery Dinner was written and directed by senior Tim Helbig.

Murder, A “Pre-Med”itated Affair follows six pre-med students as they compete for a prestigious medical school scholarship awarded by the dean of the health professions program, Elaine Stitchweasel (Michelle Stewart). As the cutthroat competition ensues, the students learn truths about themselves, their futures, and that there is no cure for murder.

The cast of characters included:
Dr. Maggie Braun as the Early 2000s Stage Director,
Sharon Briggs as Less-than-average Lindsey,
Dr. Amy Burkert as Stitchweasel’s Assistant,
Vivian Chang as a member of the Fantastic Biology Comedy Trio,
Dr. Carrie Doonan as Judge Judy,
Lynley Doonan as Wandering Wendy,
Cary Douglas (February 1) as Mary’s Mom #2,
Lindsey Fong as a member of the Fantastic Biology Comedy Trio,
Stephanie Guerra as Hard-working Bonnie,
Justine Harkness as Mary’s Mom #1,
Tim Helbig as the Magical Genie,
Yi-Yi Kung as Activist Amanda’s Assistant,
Justine Lassar as Activist Amanda,
Andrew McCoy as a member of the Fantastic Biology Comedy Trio,
Mridula Nadamuni (February 2) as Mary’s Mom #2,
Crystal Lee Pow as Judge Judy’s Bailiff,
Kelvin Rojas as Paternally-damaged Pete,
Orr Rozov as Joke-loving Jane,
Abigail Simmons as Over-mothered Mary,
and Natalie Straight as the Comedy Trio Wrangler.

Ian Campbell, Lyndsey Gray and Mridula Nadamuni also served as stage crew.

At the end of the play, the first audience group to identify “who dunnit” received a prize and bragging rights until next year’s murder mystery.

Click for more photos or to view the video of Murder, A “Pre-Med”itated Affair.