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Help Support Undergraduate Research Efforts
Did you know that 80 percent of undergraduates perform research before they graduate, which is invaluable experience for those entering graduate school or the job market? Your contribution will enhance the Department's research offerings, so students will be poised for greater success.

Speak at our Departmental Seminar Series
We are always looking for speakers to engage the Department in a variety of topics in the biological sciences. Holding a seminar for our students is a great way to reintroduce yourself to the Department.

Act as a Contact for Students Interested in Networking
Our students are looking for opportunities to meet Carnegie Mellon alumni who are working "in the field." Volunteering to act as a contact for our students can give them a taste of how things are done in the real world. If you are interested in being such a resource for our students, please contact our department.

Help Support a Graduate Student Travel Award
Although we have many talented students who would like to present their exciting research at important national and international conferences, often they do not have enough funds to attend. Your contribution can help a student achieve this goal.

Volunteer at the BioSAC Booth during Spring Carnival
The benefits are twofold: you will get the opportunity to network with current undergraduate and graduate students and chances to connect with alumni of all ages and backgrounds.


Undergraduate Programs Office

Ena Miceli, Director of Graduate Operations

Other Inquiries:
Veronica Hinman, Ph.D., Department Head

For monetary contributions, visit our giving page.

Thank you for your support.