Carnegie Mellon University

Training Faculty Areas of Interest

Catherine Armbruster
Assistant Professor
To start in January 2024

Biofilms, polymicrobial interactions, microbial ecology and evolution, genomics, microbiome, bacterial pathogenesis, cystic fibrosis, built environment microbiology, bioinformatics

Bruce A. Armitage
Professor, Chemistry
Co-Director, CNAST

Bioorganic and supramolecular chemistry; DNA/RNA analogs; photochemistry in supramolecular assemblies; probes for RNA structure and function; sensors for hybridization of nucleic acid probes

Alison L. Barth

Activity-dependent gene expression in the CNS, the cellular and synaptic mechanisms that underlie learning and memory, and the effect of behavioral training on neural excitability and anatomy

Drew Bridges
Assistant Professor

Bacterial group behaviors; biofilm communities; bacterial signal transduction; live-cell imaging

En Cai
Assistant Professor

T-cell signaling and activation; cancer immunotherapy; lattice light-sheet microscopy; single molecule fluorescence microscopy; super-resolution imaging

Phil Campbell
Research Professor, Institute for Complex Engineered Systems

Growth factors; musculoskeletal physiology; tissue engineering

Dannie Durand
Associate Professor

Computational molecular biology and computational genomics; especially the evolution of genomic organization and function

William F. Eddy
John C. Warner Professor of Statistics

Image analysis; tools for processing large multidimensional data arrays

Charles A. Ettensohn

Developmental biology, including gene regulatory networks; early patterning and cell fate specification; morphogenetic cell movements; cell signaling; biomineralization

Aryn H. Gittis
Associate Professor

Synaptic physiology; optogenetics; behavior; mechanisms of circuit dysfunction in movement disorders

Jonathan Henninger
Assistant Professor
To start in January 2024

RNA-directed control of transcription and cell fate in health and disease; biomolecular condensates; RNA biology and therapeutics; mammalian gene expression; transcription; super-resolution and live cell imaging; molecular biology and cellular engineering; developmental biology

N. Luisa Hiller
Associate Professor

Bacterial pathogenesis; comparative genomics; intercellular communication; strain evolution; biofilms

Veronica F. Hinman
Department Head

Developmental biology, including gene regulatory networks; evolution of developmental mechanisms

Kate Hong
Assistant Professor

Sensory-guided behavior, systems neuroscience, in vivo electrophysiology, optogenetics, cortical-subcortical interactions, recovery after brain injury

Jon W. Johnson
Adjunct Professor
Professor of Neuroscience, University of Pittsburgh

Biophysics and physiology of glutamate receptors

Karl Kandler
Adjunct Professor
Professor of Otolaryngology and Neurobiology, University of Pittsburgh

Development and plasticity of inhibitory circuits

Irene Kaplow
Assistant Professor

Comparative genomics, transcriptional regulation, computational biology

Zheng Kuang
Assistant Professor

Host-microbial interactions; genomics; gnotobiotics; laser capture microscopy

Cynthia Lance-Jones
Adjunct Associate Professor
Associate Professor of Neurobiology, University of Pittsburgh

Motoneuron development and spinal cord patterning 

Frederick Lanni
Associate Professor

Biophysics, cell motility, cytoskeleton, signal transduction, microscopy

Philip R. LeDuc
Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Linking mechanics to biochemistry; nano- and microtechnology

Tina H. Lee
Associate Professor

Mammalian cell biology, membrane trafficking, organelle structure and dynamics, regulation of ER-to-Golgi transport, osmotic stress 

Adam D. Linstedt

Mechanisms of membrane compartmentalization; trafficking and inheritance 

Brooke M. McCartney
Associate Professor

Mechanisms of signal transduction and cytoskeletal organization during Drosophila development

C. Joel McManus
Associate Professor

Genomics; Evolution of Gene expression; and RNA structural biology

Jonathan S. Minden

Proteomics; developmental biology; cell biology; cell death; fluorescent reagent development

Carl R. Olson
Professor, CNBC

Brain mechanisms of cognition; spatial vision; visual pattern recognition and executive control

Andreas R. Pfenning
Assistant Professor, Department of Computational Biology

Computational and experimental genomics/epigenomics of the brain; aging and Alzheimer's disease; the evolution of speech/language

Elizabeth Ransey
Assistant Professor
To start in January 2024

Protein engineering; structural and molecular biology; intercellular communication and signaling; flow cytometry; microscopy

Gordon S. Rule

Protein structure; molecular recognition; NMR spectroscopy; x-ray diffraction

Russell S. Schwartz

Computational biology; biological modeling

Peter L. Strick
Adjunct Professor
Professor of Neurobiology and Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh

Characterization of neural circuits; diseases and disorders; executive control and working memory; language and reading; motor control; spatial cognition and attention

John L. Woolford
Co-Director, CNAST

Yeast ribosome biogenesis; pre-ribosomal particles; RNA-protein interactions, dynamics of RNA processing and ribonucleoprotein complex assembly

Eric Yttri
Assistant Professor

Systems neuroscience, optogenetics, Parkinson's disease, behavior, motor system, computational neuroscience, network interactions, dopamine

Huaiying Zhang
Assistant Professor

Protein/ RNA phase transition; cancer cell biology; optogenetics; synthetic organelles

Yongxin (Leon) Zhao
Assistant Professor

Biological imaging; expansion microscopy; optogenetic reporters; biomolecular engineering; synapse typing; complex diseases