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Matt Walker

Physics' Matthew Walker to Recreate Eddington Experiment During Eclipse

During the solar eclipse, Matthew Walker, assistant professor of physics, will attempt to repeat the Eddington Experiment, which first proved Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Carnegie Mellon's Astronomy Club will hold a viewing of the eclipse at the Fence from 12-4 on Monday, Aug. 21. 


Bacterial Strains “Talk” to Each Other to Control Disease

Researchers led by Biological Sciences Assistant Professor Luisa Hiller have discovered two mechanisms that allow Streptococcus pneumoniae to communicate across cells and modulate the extent of human disease.

The Trouble With Dead Boyfriends

Alumni’s New Musical Comedy Takes Center Stage in Chicago

An all-Carnegie Mellon University production won MCL Chicago’s 3rd annual Premier Premieres! Festival for its original musical “The Trouble with Dead Boyfriends." Co-written by MCS alumnus Alex Petti, the show will take the stage August 17-19 in Chicago for a four-run encore performance.

Scott Dodelson

Scott Dodelson Appointed Head of Department of Physics

Renowned physicist Scott Dodelson has been named the head of the Department of Physics. He is the co-chair of the Science Committee for the Dark Energy Survey (DES), an international collaboration that aims to map hundreds of millions of galaxies, detect thousands of supernovae and find patterns of cosmic structure in an attempt to reveal the nature of dark energy. On Aug. 3, the DES released results that measured the structure of the universe to the highest level of precision yet. 

Terry Collins

Catalysts Efficiently and Rapidly Remove BPA from Water

Chemistry Professor Terry Collins has developed an approach that quickly and cheaply removes more than 99 percent of bisphenol A (BPA) from water. In a paper published in Green Chemistry, Collins’ research team and collaborators at the University of Auckland and Oregon State University also compiled evidence of BPA’s presence in a multitude of products and water sources, as well as the chemical’s toxicity. 

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