Carnegie Mellon University


Neuroscience is an exciting and growing field, and CMU is at the forefront of research in neurobiology, cognitive neuroscience, and computational neuroscience.

A growing number of labs at CMU do neuroscience research. Our undergraduate students have many opportunities to work in these labs and participate in the cutting-edge research that goes on at CMU or in the over 100 affiliated labs in the Pittsburgh community.

There is also an active and engaging curriculum in neuroscience that contains a large number of relevant courses drawn from many of the departments at CMU, including psychology, biology, computer science, biomedical engineering, statistics, and several others. 

We currently offer students the choice between three minors in: neuroscience (neurobiology), cognitive neuroscience, and neural computation. 

The major in neuroscience brings together these three areas along with a strong science background, while also providing opportunities to specialize within the broad field of neuroscience.