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Generating Purchase Orders

IMPORTANT: For faster service, send Purchase Orders to! Physical mail may take longer as there could be delays in mail getting to our mailboxes.

If you are looking to pay for Onsite/Online Training, CS2N Premium Access, Virtual Curriculum Licenses, or Certifications through a purchase order please include the following information:

  • The title of the course or certification (For example VEX EDR V5 On-Site + Dates or 10 Exam Registration Bundle)
  • The cost (For example $1099 for Onsite Training)
  • Place the information on official letterhead and send a PDF of the Purchase Order to
  • Once we receive the purchase order we will process it and send a response with a confirmation within 1-2 business days
  • Please include information on where the invoice for the purchase order needs to be sent, usually, a physical mailing address
  • We will also require information on each participants contact information (Email), country of citizenship and any dietary restrictions (Onsite training only)
  • For Virtual Licenses or Certifications, please include the account username where we should deposit the seats

General Policies:

  • Please note that the terms of payment is NET30. 
  • Training registrations should be paid on time (e.g. upon receiving the invoice). Payment must be made whether or not the participant goes through the training. In other words, you cannot withhold payment if the participant decides not to follow through with the training. 
  • Payments should NOT be sent to CMU's main address (5000 Forbes Ave.). Instead, they should be sent the following address along with information on what is being purchased: 
    • Carnegie Mellon University
      Financial Services Group
      PO Box 360456
      Pittsburgh, PA 15251-6456

If you have any questions or require an invoice to produce your purchase order, please email us

Note: Issuing payment indicates acceptance of terms for access to and use of Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy’s Robotics Education Curriculum and CS-STEM Network under the Terms of Use which will override any terms contained in purchase order or other payment oriented documentation.