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Moving Forward with a New Direction

Every area within CFA has experienced positive change — from new leadership, to expanded student-focused programming, to increased awareness of and participation in efforts for shared responsibility for diversity, equity and inclusion. CFA has never been more vibrant or more future-focused.

Discover How CFA is Moving Forward

Dean Mary Ellen Poole

Letter from Dean Mary Ellen Poole

“This first-ever online-only issue of the CFA Magazine leans hard into the future, a favorite direction here at Carnegie Mellon University. It’s important to give equal weight, however, to the other two states of being — to be fully present in the present, so that we’ll know where and who we are and what we need to do — and to learn from the past with humility and candor.”




[ Architecture Event ]


Materials shape the world around us. This series of events examines the tactile, structural and visual qualities of architecture as a built practice. This series is free + open to the public.

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[ Art Event ]

Annual Open Studios

December 9

Explore junior, senior and MFA studios throughout the School of Art. The studios will be free + open to the public for one evening only and will also feature an art sale, video screenings and interactive works.

More information will be released closer to the event.


[ Design Event ]

Opening: Joseph Ballay Center for Design Fusion

September 30
Alumni Concert Hall, CFA Building, CMU Campus

Get a first look at the School of Design's new transdisciplinary design center. The new Joseph Ballay Center for Design serves as a center of design expertise and outreach for the CMU community and beyond.


[ Drama Event ]

2022–2023 Drama Season

A reimagined classic, resurrected memories, pubescent competitive dance. Don't miss this semester's fall productions: As You Like It, this old haunt and Dance Nation.

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[ Music Event ]

Concerts and Events

Explore and expand your musical palette. With over 100 performances an academic year, you can experience your old favorites — or find new genres to love.

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[ Miller ICA Event ]

Dara Birnbaum: Journey Exhibition

August 20 – December 11

Featuring new work commissioned by the Miller Institute for Contemporary Art. This commission is part of the exhibition Dara Birnbaum: Journey, a survey of Dara Birnbaum's influential practice.

More information for the exhibition


[ STUDIO Event ]

Guest Lecture Series

Interdisciplinary performance, choreography, dance. Model, activist, volunteer, musician. Find a Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry guest lecture or event that speaks to you.

Find the full listing of STUDIO events


[Diversity, Equity and Inclusion]

Inclusive Excellence: A Community Responsibility

A goal is a dream with an action plan behind it. In 1996, the goal for researchers Lee and Smith was to identify ways to increase educational achievement. In their study, they measured three constructs of educators’ work...

Learn How CFA Promotes Inclusive Excellence

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Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
Master of Arts Management

Why I Give Back: Bernie & Sally Dobroski

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Alumni News

Find out what alumni are doing across the School of Architecture, School of Art, School of Design, School of Drama, School of Music and BXA Intercollege Degree Programs.

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CFA Leadership

CFA Dean: Mary Ellen Poole, Ph.D.
School of Architecture Head: Omar Khan
School of Art Head: Charlie White
School of Design Head: Bruce Hanington
School of Drama Head: Robert Ramirez
School of Music Head: Jonathan Bailey Holland
BXA Senior Associate Dean of Interdisciplinary Initiatives: M. Stephanie Murray, Ph.D.
MAM Program Director: Jessica Bowser Acrie
MEIM Program Director: Daniel Green, Ph.D.
Miller ICA Director: Elizabeth Chodos
Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry Director: Nica Ross