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Photo of a figure in what appears to be dramatic stage lighting.


Music + Art Go Deep at Festival in the Mine

For the second consecutive year, Carnegie Mellon University students illuminated the dark corridors and winding passageways of a limestone mine with art installations, musical performances and costumed movement.

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Photo of Project RE_ logo in wood.

Project RE_

RE_use. RE_build. RE_store.

More than a decade ago, John Folan had a vision. He just knew there was a way to improve urban communities, helping residents with a hand up and not the proverbial hand out.

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Devan Shimoyama: Cry, Baby

"Cry, Baby” at The Andy Warhol Museum marks the first museum solo exhibition by Devan Shimoyama, the Cooper-Siegel Assistant Professor in the School of Art. Shimoyama’s bright and bold canvases — incorporating unconventional materials like glitter, rhinestones and fabric — challenge cliché with daring and personal representations of race and sexuality.

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The MoonArk

In 2020, Carnegie Mellon University is sending the first museum to the Moon aboard an Astrobotic lander. The project, called “The MoonArk,” is a gift of life and hope to future humans embodied by all the arts, enlarging the lunar mission to ponder how the Moon stirs the tides, the growth patterns of life, the rhythms of society, and how the Moon always continues to pull us further into the heavens.

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Too Many Captains and Not Enough Wire

A School of Drama student co-creates an award-winning sci-fi game.

At the 20th Annual Independent Games Festival awards ceremony at the alt.ctrl.GDC conference in San Francisco, a prototype that began in an experimental game design class at Carnegie Mellon University last fall, Too Many Captains and Not Enough Wire was announced as a finalist for the overall alt.ctrl.GDC award.

Photo of BXA student at Kaleidoscope.

Going Silver

The BXA Intercollege Degree Programs Celebrate a Milestone Anniversary

For 25 years, BXA students have integrated studies in the fine arts with studies in computer science (BCSA), the humanities (BHA), science (BSA), and, most recently, engineering (EA).

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Photo of Denis Colwell and his wife Melanie as he accepts the School of Music headship and the Buncher chair.

Twice Honored

Colwell Named Jack G. Buncher Chair, Reappointed Head of CMU's School of Music

Associate Professor Denis Colwell in December 2017 received the Jack G. Buncher Chair and was reappointed head of Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Music, a position he has held since 2012.

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