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CFA Magazine 2020

Trail•bla•zer [ treyl-bley-zer ] (n.)

One whose thoughts, ideas, works or actions transform others' perceptions of what is possible.
One who pushes the boundaries of their field; does things previously unthought of; creates something new for those who follow.

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Headshot of Dan Martin in an architecture studio.

Letter from Dean Dan Martin

"With this issue of CFA Magazine, I wrap up ten years of service as the Dean of the College of Fine Arts. It has been the best decade of my life. No doubt about it. You cannot imagine the depth of my gratitude for the many hours of joy, reflection, relief, and inspiration that I have experienced during my tenure as dean."

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Answering the Call

CFA students and alumni respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Cover of the CFA Magazine, illustrated with artwork by Lowry Burgess.

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College of Fine Arts

Publisher: Dan Martin, Dean, College of Fine Arts
Editor: Pam Wigley, Assistant Dean for Communications, College of Fine Arts
Assistant Editor: April Johnston
Project Manager: Alexis Morrell


Scottie Barsotti
Margaret Cox
Joyce DeFrancesco
Daniel Fernandez
Thomas Hughes
April Johnston
Joseph Lyons
Meredith Marsh
Andrew Ptaschinski
Ross Reilly
Emily Syes
Alexis Trbovich
Pam Wigley

Design & Production

Print Design: Marketing & Communications
Trailblazer Feature Illustrations: John Jay Cabuay
Web Design: Alexis Morrell


Margaret Cox
Michael Henninger
Timothy Kaulen
Andrew Ptaschinski
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Cover Illustration

The Sunflower detail by School of Art Professor Emeritus and former Dean of the College of Fine Arts, Lowry Burgess. The work is the seventh in a series Bugess titled "Vision Portal" paintings, begun in 1969 and worked on again from 2001–2012.