Carnegie Mellon University

Sponsored Projects Office (SPO)

The College of Fine Arts Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) is a mechanism to turn your bold thinking, unbridled creativity and trailblazing research ideas into concrete projects. We provide comprehensive administrative support to faculty and staff, bringing ideas to fruition with an outside sponsor. Our staff will collaborate with you to obtain funding during the initial idea and proposal stage and will be there for you through project implementation, completion and reporting. The sponsored project landscape is not often a "straight line." We are here to help you to navigate every twist and turn that you may encounter. Contact us to get started.

For general inquiries, please reach out to

Jenn Joy Wilson
Associate Dean for Research
CFA 110B

Sara DeRoy
Pre-award Sponsored Projects Administrator
CFA 110B

Ashley Tuerffs Papale
Post-award Sponsored Projects Administrator
CFA 110B

Flow Chart of Proposal Process

flow chart of proposal process

flow chart of proposal process if awarded

Forms of Sponsored Engagement

  • Sponsored Research
  • Study Agreements
  • Educational Projects
  • Other Sponsored Projects, including funded agreements to support hosting conferences and workshops
  • Executive Education
  • Gifts (handled through University Advancement)

With the exception of gifts, SPO is your first stop for any form of sponsored engagement. For federal sponsors, everything is handled within our office. When corporate or foundation sponsors are involved, we work closely with Aaron Martin, Associate Director, Institutional Partnerships to coordinate efforts.


You may find these links to central offices to be helpful resources. If you're interested in applying, please still contact CFA SPO and/or CFA Advancement. We'll help you to navigate the process in conjunction with the central offices.