Carnegie Mellon University

Possibilities Engineered

my-project.webpAmidst the array of options, our program seamlessly weaves together systems thinking, cutting-edge technology, and visionary leadership in education and research. Our esteemed faculty members are trailblazers in developing engineering solutions, and our graduates are driving impactful change in their careers.

Earning consistent recognition in the top 10 for civil and environmental engineering by US News and World Report, we truly stand out. Our goal is to cultivate skilled engineers capable of solving complex challenges, guiding us toward a future that is both sustainable and equitable. 

Your Goals, Your Program: Tailored Exclusively for You

Our Civil and Environmental Engineering graduate degree programs allow you to build extensive expertise in a specialized concentration within one of our Academic Pathways. Challenging interdisciplinary coursework and a collaborative, supportive community provide you with a comprehensive and well-rounded learning experience.

To earn your master's degree, you'll need to complete 96 units successfully. However, unlike many existing programs, there are no fixed core courses. Instead, you will work with your faculty mentor to design a personalized graduate program aligning with your career goals and aspirations. 

Launching Your Career Journey

career-fair.webpWe recognize that enrolling in a graduate program is a significant investment in your future. Your success is our priority, and we are dedicated to providing you with opportunities and assistance as you explore internships and secure your initial job after graduation.

Engage in networking activities, attend professional development workshops, and seek guidance from faculty and staff to progress in your chosen field. Moreover, collaborations with industry partnerships can offer you direct exposure to practical experiences, networking possibilities, and prospects for career growth.


Alumni Insights: Voices from CEE

emre.webp“CEE taught me how to think and how to learn effectively—these traits are [essential to] success in your professional life."

Emre Kara (PhD '14)

genna-waldvogel-1-1.webp“CEE prepared me for the diverse challenges I faced at LANL. I was very prepared for my civil work.”

Genna Waldvogel (MS '17)