Carnegie Mellon University

Special Topics: Advanced Python and Web Prototyping for Infrastructure Systems

Course Number: 12-780

This course uses the Python and Javascript programming language to introduce advanced programming approaches to students from civil and environmental engineering.

Students are required to already know a modern programming language (e.g., Python, Java, C++, etc.), or have taken the 12-746 course.

This course will cover graphical user interface design in HTML5, web-based application design using Python and Javascript, information visualization and data analytics using 3rd party libraries in Python.

Students will work on a programming project from the beginning of this course and continue building it in class using the introduced programming approaches.

Real-world examples from infrastructure management will be used for in-class demonstration and term project.

Semester(s): Fall, Mini 2
Units: 6


Textbook information can be found at the CMU Bookstore