Carnegie Mellon University

Fundamentals of Programming for Engineering Systems

Course Number: 12-760

This course introduces advanced programming concepts to students from civil and environmental engineering. The goal of the course is to engage students in identifying engineering problems suitable for computational approaches and to enable them to effectively design and implement software solutions that leverage the work of professional programmers and other researchers.

The course covers best practices in databases, object-oriented programming, knowledge-based systems, constrained-based reasoning, Information lifecycle, information visualization, and data analytics. The course focuses on Python but also covers Matlab.

Students in this course will work on a sequence of projects culminating in a final term project. Students are required to know already a modern programming language (e.g., Python, Java, C++, etc).

Semester(s): Fall
Units: 12


  • Lectures
  • Project Exercises
  • Class Demonstrations


Textbook information can be found at the CMU Bookstore