Carnegie Mellon University

Video Library on YouTube

The CPDC has a huge video library available on YouTube. The library includes everything from educational videos to recorded webinars and workshops. You can even access Playlists on YouTube for access to videos related to a specific topic.

Scotty Stories Podcast on Anchor

Scotty Stories is a podcast about the career pathways of Carnegie Mellon University Alumni. Listen as we interview former Scottys on how their experiences at CMU have impacted their choices and subsequent journeys. With each episode, you will see just how many varied opportunities exist for you after graduation! Our Scottys also offer valuable insights on how students can optimize their time on campus, and navigate the transition from being a student to embarking on a fulfilling professional career. The podcast can be found on Anchor or anywhere you access podcasts such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. 

LinkedIn Profile Headshots

Photos do not need to be professionally taken to be professional and can often simply be taken by a friend with a cell phone camera.  There are several resources online that can help you with your LinkedIn profile photo (headshot), including tips directly from LinkedIn and YouTube tutorials such as the one below. Want to learn more about personal branding? Check out the Personal Branding Quick Tip Guide from the CPDC.