Carnegie Mellon University


CMUniverse is a virtual mentoring platform that lets students choose how and when they want to engage with alumni. Alumni can provide advice on topics like:

  • Job search and interview strategies

  • Career paths and industry trends

  • Choosing a major

  • Applying to grad school

  • Resume or cover letter advice

  • Challenges with school, job, outlook, etc.

Responsibilities and Recommendations

Wondering what responsibilities you have as a flash mentee or mentor? We'll go over those and some recommendations below.

Recommendations for students:

  • Be curious - Whether you're searching for connections or prepping for your first meeting, think about what you want to learn from alumni.
  • Respect your mentor's time - Be on time for the meeting, and make things as easy as possible for the mentor in terms of scheduling and logistics.
  • Don't ask for a job - Ask for advice and about your mentor's experience instead!

Recommendations for alumni / mentors:

  • Be patient - Some students may not have done informational interviews or networking before.
  • Meet them where they're at - Students may be at different stages in their education or career.
  • Provide feedback - To the student as well as to the staff at CMU to ensure we are providing proper guidance for students to conduct themselves appropriately and effectively.