Carnegie Mellon University

Recruiting Timeline

We offer a slate of exciting opportunities for employers to become more engaged with our world-renowned university, while meeting our tremendously talented students and alumni, and connecting with faculty and staff. Past recruiters have indicated that attending our career events gives them a decisive advantage in recruiting top talent.

Fall 2019

Aug 26  First Day of Classes
Sept 3 On-Campus Information Sessions Begin
Sept 9 First Day of On-Campus Interviewing (OCI)
Sept 9  Tartan 2 Professional: Student Athlete & Employer Networking Event
Sept 16-18 Technical Opportunities Conference (TOC)
Sept 23 Campus Engagement Day
Sept 23 Tepper Meetup
Sept 24

Encompass CMU-This is a career fair open to students of all majors and employers of all industries

Oct 18 Fall Break: No Recruiting
Oct 18 Engineering Virtual Career Fair
Oct 24
Spark: Startups and Emerging Companies
Oct 29 IEA Global Opportunities Career Fair
Nov 27-29 Thanksgiving: No Recruiting
Dec 6 Last Day of Classes - Last Day of On-Campus Recruiting

Spring 2020

Jan 13 First Day of Class
Jan 21 On-Campus Information Sessions Begin
Jan 22 First Day of On-Campus Interviewing (OCI)
Jan 23 Internship Showcase - Peer-to-peer networking event 
Feb 3

Jumpstart - This a networking event for freshman and sophomore students

Feb 4 - 5

EncompassCMU - This is a career fair open to students of all majors and employers of all industries

Feb 5

Intelligence & Government Career Expo (open to Pitt and CMU students)

Feb 19

HCII Connect (Human-Computer Interaction Institute)

Feb 20

CAOC - Creative Arts Opportunity Conference (Confluence, Architecture Interchange, Creative Arts Career Fair)

Mar 6 - 13

Spring Break - No Recruiting

Mar 23

Energy Industry Career Fair

Apr 16 -18

Spring Carnival - No Recruiting

May 1

Last Day of Class - Recruiting Ends

May 17