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Carnegie Mellon Awards & Scholarships

These awards are offered by or coordinated through Carnegie Mellon and some are available specifically to Carnegie Mellon students.  Read the descriptions carefully; some awards are restricted to undergraduates only, or graduating seniors and graduate students, etc. 

How to Apply for an OIE Study Abroad Scholarship (pdf)

Arthur F. and Mary Ellen Cranell Naylor (AFMECN) Study Abroad Award

This $600 award is offered annually to one Carnegie Mellon undergraduate student who has financial need and plans to study abroad in Europe in a cultural immersion program.  The award, originally known as The Mary Ellen Crannell Naylor (MM ‘48) Study Abroad Award, was established at Carnegie Mellon University in 2003 as a tribute, in perpetuity, to Mrs. Naylor’s long standing interests in language, travel and the university.  In 2016, Linda Naylor Harris (MCS ’81) amended the award to include her father, Arthur F. Naylor (EE ’48).  For more information, visit the link above, or contact Erin Swift at 412-268-5231. 

Students interested in applying for the “AFMECN 2020” award can find more information and apply online before the March 1 deadline by logging in with their Andrew ID and password via the CMU Study Abroad Portal.  Directions to apply for this and other OIE overseen scholarships: click here

The Bridging Scholarship

The Bridging Scholarship is for study in Japan in any field, for either the Fall or Spring terms.  (This scholarship is not available for summer study abroad.)  Students attending a recognized exchange or independent program in Japan are eligible to apply. Programs also must continue for at least three months.  Fall applications are due in April of each year, while Spring applications are due in early October.  For more information, visit:

College of Engineering Travel Grant Program

College of Engineering Travel Grants are available to support a variety of abroad opportunities, at all times of year to meet the needs of engineering students. Experiences can take place during the academic year or over the summer, and can be short-term or span a semester or full academic year.  Please contact the College of Engineering Office of Undergraduate Studies for more details.

Department of Modern Languages Undergraduate Study Abroad Scholarships

The Department of Modern Languages offers a number of scholarships to encourage study abroad. Please visit the website above for more details and deadlines, which are typically once per year in early February. To qualify for a Modern Languages (ML) study abroad scholarship, students must be registered as a major or minor in a modern language at the time of application. Note: Even though the department offers no major or minor in Italian, students of Italian who are also members of MLSAC may apply for the MLSAC study abroad scholarship. 

Dietrich College Study/Travel Abroad Grant Program

Dietrich College provides support for both traditional study abroad programs and for non-study abroad experiences such as service-learning opportunities, internships, research, and conference travel. The program uses a modified rolling application schedule for its grant funds and works closely with Study Abroad and OIE in advising students about eligible programs and other potential funding sources, completing applications, and preparing for the experience abroad. 

Freeman Asia

The Freeman-ASIA scholarship program provides, to those students with demonstrated financial need, scholarship assistance for study abroad in East or Southeast Asia.  Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.8, and must apply early into each term (early October for Spring, mid-February for Summer, and early April for Fall).  For more information, visit and apply online via:

Fulbright Scholarship Program

Scholarships are given to graduating seniors and graduate students (up to completion of a PhD).  The Fulbright Program is the U.S.. Government's premier study abroad scholarship program.  It enables U.S. students and artists to benefit from unique resources in every corner of the world.  U.S.. citizens can gain international competence in an increasingly interdependent world.  Campus Deadline will be mid September and Foundation Deadline is normally in October. For more information contact Richelle Bernazzoli.

Gilman Scholarship Program

The Gilman International Scholarship Program offers grants for U.S.. citizen undergraduate students of limited financial means to pursue academic studies abroad. Up to $5,000 is available to students in any field who have already been accepted to a study abroad program for a semester-long program, who are receiving a Federal Pell Grant. There is a fall and spring deadline. There is also a new summer scholarship opportunity for those with a science, technology, engineering or math major. For assistance in applying contact the Study Abroad Staff at 412-268-5231.

Gilman-McCain Scholarship

The Gilman-McCain Scholarship offers grants for U.S. citizen undergraduate students who are dependents of an active duty member of the following branches of the US military: Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, & Coast Guard. Students must be enrolling in a credit bearing program abroad, in a location that is a Level 1 or 2 on the US Department of State Travel Advisory list. They must also be a recipient of some type of Title IV federal financial aid. The Gilman-McCain website has further details and dates. Up to $5,000 is available, and there are two application deadlines. For assistance in applying, set up a study abroad appointment through our CMU Study Abroad Portal.

Gindroz Travel/Study Prize

The fund was created by the Marylin and Ray Gindroz Foundation to enhance education through travel in Europe and the study of traditional architecture, urbanism, and music. The $5,000 stipend is available to 3rd or 4th year students in the Architecture department, 3rd year students in the Music department, and 1st year graduate students in Architecture or Music. For more information contact the School of Architecture at 412-268-2354.

Global Engagement Scholarship

The Global Engagement Scholarship is a $4000 award given annually to one or two Carnegie Mellon undergraduate students to pursue a study abroad experience during the summer that must be at least 4 weeks in length.  The recipient must be applying to or have been accepted into a study abroad or internship program eligible for academic credit (no independent travel will be considered).  Applicants must demonstrate financial need.  Students who receive need-based financial aid from Carnegie Mellon are considered to meet the financial need criteria for the award.  Funds are not available for students in their final semester of study.  All recipients must attend a required Pre-Departure Orientation Session and complete all pre-departure paperwork prior to their experience abroad.  Scholarship applications are due no later than 11:59 PM on March 1.  For more information, please see the PDF linked above, or contact Erin Swift at 412-268-5231.

Students interested in applying for a Global Engagement Scholarship will need to log in with their Andrew ID and password to find more detailed information and apply online via the CMU Study Abroad Portal.  Directions to apply for this and other OIE overseen scholarships, click here

ISURG (International Small Undergraduate Research Grant)

The International Small Undergraduate Research Grant (ISURG) is a program run jointly through the Undergraduate Research Office (URO) and the Office of International Education (OIE). ISURG allows students who are planning to study/travel abroad to apply for funds to support a research project while they are abroad. ISURG awards grants to undergraduates in all disciplines at Carnegie Mellon to help defray research expenses. All ISURG students must submit a proposal following the guidelines and deadlines for the SURG. More information on the SURG/ISURG competition is available at the URO's website, or by contacting Stephanie Wallach or Richelle Bernazzoli, or call x8-5702.

The Jennings Family Brave Companion Fund

Deadline: February  (for Summer travel)

The Jennings Family Brave Companions Fund provides up to $6000 for current Carnegie Mellon sophomores and juniors who want to travel abroad to a developing country during the summer and need financial support.  This can include a wide range of study, research, internship and/or service-related abroad programs.  Special consideration is given to students who meet one or more of the following criteria: (a) students who have overcome obstacles, such as socioeconomic or educational disadvantages or disabilities; (b) students with demonstrated financial need; (c) students who are the first in their family to attend college; (d) students who have demonstrated a commitment to the advan   To discuss abroad opportunities and programs, please contact Study Abroad Staff

Marilyn Meltzer Prize Award in Design

This award is open to all full-time, rising juniors in Design. The award commemorates Marilyn Meltzer’s lifelong interests by honoring a student who has shown an ability to combine outstanding design with effective use of color. One student will be chosen to receive an amount of $2,500 towards academic year or summer study abroad. For more information please contact Melissa Cicozi.

National Security Education Program Scholarships David L. Boren Scholarships

NSEP offers scholarships and fellowships to undergraduate and graduate students for study in non-Western countries.  Although the grants are merit -based, the amount granted will vary from partial to full cost of participation depending on financial need.  Campus Deadline is early January and Foundation Deadline is early February (exact date posted online).

Tartans Abroad Scholarship - Individual Fund

Tartans Abroad Scholarships are for Carnegie Mellon undergraduate students to study, work, volunteer, or research abroad at an educational institution or with a study abroad program provider during an academic break period such as the summer, winter, or spring break.  Scholarships will not be available for students to travel during the summer after their final semester of study. 

A Tartans Abroad Scholarship may cover 1/3 of the total expenses at most, up to a maximum of $1,000.  Recipients must attend a Pre-Departure Orientation Session hosted by the Office of International Education and complete ALL pre-departure registration materials before departing campus.  

Applications must be submitted online prior to 11:59 PM on the following schedule: October 31 (Winter Break Trips); January 31 (Spring Break Trips); March 31 (Summer Trips).  For more information, please see the PDF linked above, or contact Erin Swift at 412-268-5231.

Students interested in a "Winter Break 2019", “Spring Break 2020” and "Summer 2020" awards can find more information and apply online before the October 31, January 31, and March 31 deadline, respectively, by logging in with their Andrew ID and password to the CMU Study Abroad Portal.  Directions to apply for this and other OIE overseen scholarships: click here

Tartans Abroad Scholarship - Group Fund

Tartans Abroad GROUP Scholarships are for recognized Carnegie Mellon undergraduate student groups to pursue short-term organized international travel (STO-IT) during academic break periods including the summer, winter break, and spring break.  ALL participants in the group trip must attend a Pre-Departure Orientation Session hosted by the Office of International Education and EACH individual student must complete ALL STO-IT pre-departure registration materials before departing campus.  Scholarship funds will not be released until this requirement has been met.  Group trip leaders must work with OIE to satisfy all risk management requirements.  Applications are due on the following schedule: October 31 (Winter Break Trips); January 31 (Spring Break Trips); March 31 (Summer Trips).  For more information contact Erin Swift at 412-268-5231.  Student groups should download and complete the application (pdf).