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Important Note: Our Sponsored Programs list is currently under review. Changes may be forthcoming due to this review and/or the pandemic. Students seeking future opportunities abroad should be aware programs may cancel or change and therefore should be open to a variety of opportunities/locations.

Sponsored Programs

Sponsored programs offer study abroad opportunities to students from a variety of economic backgrounds and are ideal for students with significant Carnegie Mellon funding. While the main purpose of sponsored programs is to provide options that will allow the use of Carnegie Mellon aid, they are also programs that are researched and reviewed for academic quality and compatibility by our Study Abroad Advisory Board. Sponsored Programs allow students to pay regular Carnegie Mellon tuition, room and board (billed at the upper-class student rate) while receiving the same financial aid package (minus work study) while abroad. Offering sponsored programs reflects Carnegie Mellon's commitment to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to study abroad.

Carnegie Mellon will pay tuition, room*, board* and approved fees to the study abroad institution or program and may distribute funds to the student for other fees, as appropriate. In cases where room and/or board is not included in the program's invoice to CMU, the amount billed by CMU for housing and board in the original sponsored payment will be refunded back to the student for the student to use towards housing/board expenses.  The amount CMU charges for housing and board in the Sponsored Program charge is a fixed amount which may not cover all of a student's housing/board expenses.

Participants in these programs must complete the FAFSA and other applicable documents for receiving financial aid, as they normally would.  In some cases, it may be more financially beneficial to pay programs externally rather than using the Sponsored Program option. To determine whether it is financially beneficial to attend a program as a sponsored student or pay externally, please complete the Sponsored Financial Worksheet 23-24 (xls).

*Carnegie Mellon’s Office of International Education can advise students of the portion of room and board fees covered based on program(s) of interest.

Sponsored Programs by Country

Costa Rica


Dominican Republic