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Returning Home

Returning home from studying abroad often requires as much adjustment as the study abroad experience itself. Readjusting to life and classes at Carnegie Mellon can also take time. However, the self-discovery and skills students gain while studying abroad can provide a foundation for new and exciting interests and explorations at Carnegie Mellon and Pittsburgh.  The Office of International Education, academic advisors, and departments can be strong assets in that exploration.

Carnegie Mellon is a university environment that thrives on contributions from its global citizens and welcomes the sharing of international perspectives and enriching cultural experiences. Study Abroad enables students to return to Carnegie Mellon and share their unique experiences and developed global consciousness with the entire community.  

When You Return


Returning home means more than setting up travel logistics. While students are usually returning to a familiar setting, they may not be aware of the degree to which they have been changed by their experience abroad. In addition, changes have usually taken place in the United States — rapid and sometimes radical changes. While some students experience a smooth transition, others deal with re-entry shock. It is important to prepare emotionally for your return home. 

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In order to receive transfer credit, returning students should arrange to have all study abroad transcripts sent to the Carnegie Mellon University Registrar's Office.

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On Campus

There are many meaningful opportunities for students to share their experiences abroad with the Carnegie Mellon community. Returned students may attend welcome back programming, panel discussions, residence hall programming, and other study abroad events, submit stories and photos from abroad, and join our E-Peer Advisory to help other students going abroad.

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Work, Volunteer & Fellowships Abroad

Many returned students wish to work or do research overseas once their time at Carnegie Mellon is complete. CMU provides resources to help with your international job search.

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