Carnegie Mellon University

Site Visits

Site visits afford opportunities for faculty and academic advisors to see first-hand the facilities and academic offerings of specific study abroad programs and/or destinations. Several highly reputable study abroad programs offer affordable visit programs that are designed for university representatives. Academic advisors and faculty members can express interest in traveling abroad to assess compatible partner programs and their suitability for our students.   

The goals of such visits include: (1) ensuring that study abroad locations are suitable from an academic and service perspective, (2) directly involving faculty and academic advisors in the study abroad assessment process, and (3) providing international experience for faculty member and advisors who do not routinely travel abroad. 

In supporting a faculty's application to visit an overseas site, OIE considers the fit between the faculty/advisor’s academic area and the goals of the overseas program or visit. Also, selected faculty and advisor participants should have direct contact with undergraduate students and a role in guiding students’ study abroad considerations. While abroad, participants will assess a range of factors which impact the study abroad experience, and submit a report to OIE upon return. 

Past participants include:

  • Therese Tardio, Lecturer in Spanish, Modern Languages, IES Ecuador and Chile
  • Eric Grotzinger, Associate Dean, Mellon College of Science, New York University’s pre-med program, London, England
  • Natalie Ozeas, Professor and Associate Head, Music, New York University, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Ann Green, Lecturer in German, IES Amsterdam and Berlin

For a copy of these reports or if interested in this type of opportunity, faculty and academic advisers may contact Chris Menand.