Carnegie Mellon University

Transfer Credit

The assignment of transfer credit is one of the critical roles faculty and advisors play in the study abroad process. Faculty will assess content of the overseas courses and determine course equivalencies and/or whether elective credit can be given within majors, minors and/or general education requirements. The assessment of transferability may take place through several processes, outlined below. 

Assessment Options

Early Assessment

As students explore study abroad program options with a study abroad advisor, they will be encouraged to have initial discussions with their academic department about transfer credit. An early assessment of anticipated courses should be made in consultation between the student and their academic advisor or relevant faculty.  

Study Abroad Transfer of Credit (SATC) Form

The Study Abroad Transfer of Credit (SATC) form is signed by an academic advisor or several relevant faculty prior to the student's study abroad experience. On this form, the student marks anticipated coursework and asks the academic advisor and/or relevant faculty to sign off on courses' transferability. Students who are unsure about who to contact or need more details regarding who should sign for each course should view the SATC Form (pdf) and the Department Contacts webpage.

Follow-Up SATC Form

Students who are already overseas may use the Follow-Up SATC Form (pdf) to update OIE and academic advisors about course changes. It is possible that students will deviate from the course plan that they decided on prior to departing. Students are requested to send web links so that faculty and advisors can access written materials regarding the course content. 

Receipt of Transcript

All study abroad transcripts must be sent directly from the host institution or program provider to the Carnegie Mellon University Registrar's Office. When the transcript is received by the Registrar, a copy is sent to the student's college so that approved transfer credit may be processed. Academic departments will then assess credit and add the course title and number of units, but not the grade received abroad, to the student's Carnegie Mellon academic record. OIE does not receive or retain any copies of study abroad transcripts. Please send all study abroad transcripts to the University Registrar's Office at the following address:

University Registrar's Office
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue, Warner Hall A19
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

University Registrar's Office Contact Information
Phone: (412) 268 7404

Awarding Transfer Credit

Students receive credit for courses, provided that the grade in the course abroad is a U.S. equivalent "C" or higher (U.S. equivalent "B" or higher for Math and Economics courses), but the grade does not transfer in or impact the student's GPA/QPA.

There are instances in which a student does not pass a class with the relevant "B" or "C" equivalent or above, thereby disallowing the assignment of transfer credit. This is particularly difficult when a student's ability to graduate in a timely manner is impacted. These uncommon situations are considered on a case-by-case basis and may involve consultation with the overseas program and/or a study abroad advisor in OIE.

Departments should notify students when transfer credit has been awarded. Students should follow up with their academic advisor to ensure that the transfer process is complete.