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Short-Term Organized International Travel

OIE provides support for student groups and university planned initiatives involving short-term travel abroad. In support of these programs, OIE staff can advise faculty, staff and student leaders, direct interested students, support administrative functions, and conduct targeted pre-departure orientation sessions (which are required for all study abroad participants). 

In addition to short-term group travel opportunities through CMU organizations, students may also choose to have an independent volunteer experience through an external organization. These trips can last one week over spring break or longer, if the student plans to travel during the summer.

This page contains information about organizing and funding short-term travel as well as resources for students interested in independent volunteer opportunities

Planning Short-Term Travel

Know Your Options

Approximately 10-12 short-term trips abroad are planned annually by student organizations and advised by the Office of International Education (OIE) and the Office of Student Leadership, Involvement and Engagement (SLICE). Most of these trips are service-oriented and take place during spring break, though a few occur during summer and winter break. SLICE maintains a webpage with information about existing alternative break service trips where students can find organizations to join or draw inspiration for their own short-term travel. 

Plan Your Trip

Students who wish to create their own short-term organized international travel should email or make an appointment with a study abroad advisor. 

Submit Your Application

Student groups may request financial support for their short-term organized international travel by submitting an application for the Tartans Abroad Group Trip Fund (pdf). This cohesive Carnegie Mellon fund supports undergraduate students in their pursuit of short-term organized international travel by streamlining the request and application process through OIE. Monetary support is provided by the Dean of Student Affairs, the Vice Provost for Education, colleges, academic departments and OIE.  

Application Deadlines

Winter Break October 31
Spring Break January 31
Summer March 31

For more information about the Tartans Abroad Group Trip Fund, contact the study abroad staff.

Independent Volunteer Experiences