Carnegie Mellon University

Before You Go

Students planning to study abroad during their time at Carnegie Mellon will find that a lot of planning must take place to make their time abroad a happy, healthy and safe experience.

This planning includes completing the procedures laid about by the relevant academic departments, the Office of International Education, the program or institution abroad, the U.S. government and government of the host country(ies).

Additionally, students must prepare travel and housing arrangements, obtain health insurance, learn about the host culture(s) and ensure that their needs (medical, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) can be met while abroad.

There many useful tools for gaining the relevant information:

  • The information on the Before You Go webpages
  • The Study Abroad Handbook
  • The Pre-Departure Orientation required by the Office of International Education
  • Handbooks or documentation provided by the study abroad program or host institution
  • Guidebooks and other travel and historical literature