Carnegie Mellon University

External Programs

Carnegie Mellon thinks broadly about the opportunities for study abroad provided to our students. External Programs offer virtually unlimited possibilities for students in all majors for summer, semester, and full-year study abroad. These programs are administered by another university or study abroad program provider. External Programs allow students to pay the study abroad program directly, while still maintaining full-time enrollment status at Carnegie Mellon.

Students participating in External Programs do not pay tuition and fees to Carnegie Mellon for the time abroad. Students cannot use institutional aid from Carnegie Mellon (grants, scholarships, etc. which are administered by Carnegie Mellon) on these programs, but students are eligible for federal and state aid and all loans normally received. Some External Programs allow students to enroll directly in the foreign university or institution, which is a good opportunity for students seeking language fluency and cultural immersion. In addition, this is often the most affordable option.

There are thousands of options for study abroad through External Programs and Direct Enrollment. Good search engines for finding an External or Direct Enrollment Program are and Also, a student can attend any University Sponsored Program as an external program.

Listed below are the programs and schools most frequented by Carnegie Mellon students. Many of the providers have programs in multiple countries: