Carnegie Mellon University

Work, Research & Departmental Summer Opportunities

Some students complete an internship as part of their study abroad experience. Internships, paid or unpaid, provide real-world work and research experience. Study Abroad program providers often offer unpaid internships as a part of their package to students, and during the summer these programs may offer internship-only options. Tuition-charging internships provide degree credit, and sometimes financial aid is available. 

In addition, Carnegie Mellon University departments and student organizations sponsor a number of work and volunteer opportunities abroad, most of which occur during academic break periods such as spring break, winter break and summer. All of these options allow students the opportunity to become integrated into the local culture.

Work & Research Opportunities

Departmental Summer Travel

Some academic departments at Carnegie Mellon offer faculty coordinated programs during the summer or other vacation periods. These programs can vary in length and may or may not be credit bearing. Program offerings can change year to year.

Faculty led or coordinated programs are generally small in size and consist exclusively of Carnegie Mellon students and faculty. This allows students to explore a topic more in depth and connect that learning directly to their Carnegie Mellon studies.

The Department of Languages, Cultures & Applied Linguistics offers many summer study abroad programs for CMU students in China, Costa Rica, Germany, Jordan, France and Spain. Programs average 4-8 weeks during the summer break.