Carnegie Mellon University

Tartans Abroad FAQs

Students sometimes make changes to their coursework abroad due to canceled classes or time conflicts. Because this happens frequently, OIE has developed a simple procedure for gaining new course approvals abroad. Students who have made changes to their course registration abroad should use the Follow-up SATC Form found online to update their courses with their academic advisors.

  • While away from Pittsburgh, students remain registered at Carnegie Mellon and are encouraged to stay in touch with academic advisors and OIE for course changes and other important information.

  • Look for our study abroad e-newsletter, Tartan Travels, sent via email. This newsletter provides useful cross-cultural information, Carnegie Mellon contact information and helpful reminders. 

  • Register with the United States (or home country) Embassy and sign up for warden messages.

  • Check the OIE website and emails from the department regarding special opportunities such as the Fifth Year Scholar program, honor society nominations, and other important deadlines that may occur while students are away.

The OIE staff is a valuable resource for students and family members throughout the study abroad experience. Should students have any serious problems or emergencies overseas, we will assist in any way we can. Students should first contact their study abroad program as they are on the ground and can be of more immediate assistance.

Adjusting to a new culture is both exciting and challenging and there are moments when students feel out of place. Check out the Adjusting section of our website for a detailed explanation of cultural adjustment and ideas of how to overcome homesickness.

  • For Jobs/Internships in the U.S.: Remain in contact with a Career Consultant and stay on top of deadlines. Continue to submit applications while abroad.

  • For Jobs/Internships in the host country: Make contacts—talk to the program director, professors, and locals. Self marketing is often the best way to land a job abroad.