Carnegie Mellon University

Returning Home FAQs

Study abroad transcripts should be sent to OIE. The study abroad staff will notify students via email when it has been received.  We will send a copy to all academic advisor(s) and the original to Enrollment Services.

The department(s) will review the courses and grant approval where appropriate. Transfer credit can only be awarded for courses in which a “C” or better has been attained. Departments will notify students when transfer credit as been awarded.

Students living in campus housing prior to going abroad, are eligible to live in campus housing upon return. Students must complete the housing form online prior to the housing deadline before going abroad. Students returning in the fall should participate in room draw, and those returning for the spring semester should notify housing of their return.

Students are often surprised that they feel disconnect when they return from studying abroad. Returning home can be a difficult adjustment, sometimes more challenging than adjusting to the host culture.

OIE hosts welcome back programming each semester. This programming provides opportunities for students to talk to others about the experiences abroad and meet exchange students and past study abroad participants. We encourage students to attend share their experiences at any of the programs offered by OIE.
The Study Abroad Handbook has information on reverse cultural adjustment and how to overcome the challenges.

There are many options for students to go abroad again, and OIE can help students decide which option is best for them. Some of the options include:

  • Participating in a second study abroad program

  • Completing a Fulbright

  • Working or interning abroad