Carnegie Mellon University

Study Abroad Handbook

The Study Abroad Handbook (pdf) is provided in hard copy format at Pre-Departure Orientation. It is a great resource for students planning to study abroad, currently studying abroad, or recently returned. The following information is included in the handbook:

  • Administrative Procedures: Registration & Documentation, Medical Insurance and the International Student ID Card (ISIC)
  • Finances: Study Abroad Financial Aid Policies, Handling Money While Abroad, Extra Expenses
  • Travel: Flight Arrangements, Travel While Abroad, Popular Travel Guidebooks, Other Travel Resources, Hostels, Packing Tips and Suggestions
  • Communication: By Telephone, By E-mail, By Fax
    Cross-Cultural Adjustment: Culture Shock, The Progressive Stages of Culture Shock, Responding to Culture Shock, Returning Home, What is Reentry Shock?, Academic Issues, Personal Experiences
  • Health & Safety: Before You Go, Once You’re Abroad, Safety Warning, Legal Issues, Street Safety, Other Safety Guidelines
  • Carnegie Mellon Department Contacts