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Jobs & Internships

Students studying abroad often wish to search for jobs or internships to take place upon their return. Others hope to return abroad for work after graduation. The resources below contain tips and resources for finding jobs and internships while abroad.

Your Job Search Abroad

Jobs/Internships in the U.S.

Many students who are currently abroad find themselves searching for jobs and internships that will take place once they return to the U.S. We recommend that students meet with a career consultant at the Career & Professional Development Center (CPDC) to discuss options and strategies. Continue to connect over email with your career consultant while abroad. Career consultants are excellent resources in all phases of the internship and job search processes.

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Jobs/Internships Abroad

If students are thinking about returning abroad in the future for internship and job opportunities, we highly recommend they try to make professional contacts while they are abroad. Working abroad has many benefits (similar to study abroad) including gained confidence that comes with taking risks, international contacts in professional fields, foreign language skills, marketability, personal and intellectual growth, appreciation for different methods and contexts, and cross-cultural skills and understanding. The Career & Professional Development Center (CPDC) has additional information on its website with regard to international job searches.

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Marketing Yourself

The skills that students gain by studying abroad are highly marketable throughout the job search process. We encourage students to find ways to talk concretely about the intra-personal, inter-personal and professional skills they have learned while abroad. Students should work with their CPDC career consultants to add these skills and others to their résumés and interviews:

  • Flexibility
  • Proven ability to adjust to new situations and environments
  • Work well with people from different cultures and countries
  • Willingness to learn new methods and strategies
  • Adapt to different management styles
  • Demonstrated perseverance in solving problems
  • Foreign language skills

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