Alcohol Event Registration form Frequently Asked Questions

All staff and faculty who are on the exempt payroll are eligible to become Social Hosts. You must complete the Social Host Training session, offered monthly through University Police and Student Affairs, to become a Social Host. Please visit Social Host Training on the University Police website to register for a training.

Security is required for all events in the Cohon University Center, any events on campus with undergraduates under 21, and any event on campus with over 100 guests. One security officer is required for every 100 guests.

Security is also required for certain locations in order to make the location private or semi-private to ensure guest safety. Privacy is determined by the ability to control access to the area of the social activity and limit attendance to invited guests only.

Security for an event must be arranged directly with University Police. Please complete an Event Security Request which can be found on the University Police website.

A "Social Host" is a dean, department head, faculty member or staff member who is on the exempt payroll and takes personal responsibility for ensuring that alcoholic beverages are served only to those persons who are of legal age. Such responsibility may be assumed only after completing the Social Host Responsibility session offered through University Police.

If you believe that you recieved this message in error, please email with the name and Andrew ID of the social host, along with the date they attended the Social Host Responsibility session.

Yes, the form will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity and any progress will be lost.
Yes, the Preparer can save the form when entering event details by clicking ‘Save and Complete Later’ button and then closing the form. The Preparer will receive an “Action Required” email showing progress and providing a new URL to continue with the form completion.
If an event is recurring (all event details must remain the same), the Preparer selects “Y” from Is this a recurring event? dropdown and enters the dates for the events in the Please provide recurring dates for the event field. The Preparer is encouraged to enter recurring dates in a MM/DD/YYYY format, separated by a comma, but may also enter descriptive text (example: occurs every Friday of March 2018).
Contact or call the Office of the Dean of Students at (412) 268-2075.