Charges. It is expected that the scholars will register and complete other requirements on time such that it will not be necessary to charge any late registration fees for scholars.  If a scholar has an account balance from the semester prior to entering the fifth year, the student will be charged late fees accordingly.

Financial Aid and Student Loan Status. Since scholars are considered full time students during the fifth year regardless of date of certification, student loan payments will be deferred until after the completion of the fifth year.  Scholars will not be eligible for financial assistance or work-study positions on campus, although special arrangements might be possible with individual employers or departments.

Financial Support. The indirect cost of advising and support from student affairs and the academic units will be absorbed by those units.  The tuition for the fifth year will be waived.  Support for living expenses of $7000 per student will be provided through outside funds.  Costs for courses not covered by regular tuition (for example, books, music studio courses for non-majors, design studio fees, course fees for Pittsburgh Filmmakers, laboratory fees, etc.) are not explicitly covered through the scholarship.  Prior to accepting the scholarship, candidates will complete the “Checklist” and will have the opportunity to formally request in writing additional funds from the scholarship fund to cover the costs of other expenses.

Receipt of Scholarship.  Scholars will receive their stipend in the amount of $3500 each term of their scholarship year.

Tuition Charges. No tuition is officially charged to the student.  On the student’s bill, tuition and fees will be listed as “paid” or the balance will be listed as $0.00.  The Registrar’s Office will be informed of scholars’ names and social security numbers by May 30th of the academic year preceding the scholars’ fifth year.