Carnegie Mellon University
Daniel See

Daniel See (CMU'19)

"People matter almost too much to me, and my best memories from the trip will always be the conversations, jokes, stories, experiences, smiles, sweat (!!) and tears shared by the IMPAQT P and Q team. IMPAQT is about bringing people together across cultures and continents, and it was one of the best trips I'd ever been on."

Michelle Madlansacay

Michelle Madlansacay (DC'20)

"What I loved most about IMPAQT was being able to form close friendships with people who come from cultural backgrounds very different from my own. It was amazing to see the similarities our cultures shared, even though we all came from different parts of the world."

Joyce Wang

Joyce Wang (CMU'20)

"Through IMPAQT, I met some of my favorite people in the world. Since meeting each other for the first time before our trip to Doha, we have learned so much about each others' worlds through honest, open conversations and by simply having fun. It was quite amazing how we are able to stay connected despite being oceans apart."

CMUQ and CMU students on a food tour
CMU and CMUQ students enjoying the 'Burgh Bits and Bites Food Tour in the Strip District in March 2018 as part of the IMPAQT program.
photo of Ahmad Khanzada

Ahmad Khanzada (CIT’17)

“The IMPAQT program was groundbreaking for me because it firsthand exposed me to global personalities and an emerging city. The students at CMU-Q and my own IMPAQT team have all become lifelong friends. Additionally, Doha’s infrastructure development has reshaped my aspirations as a civil engineer.”

photo of Jade Schiffer

Jade Schiffer (DC’18)

"IMPAQT widened the depth of my CMU experiences and gave me the opportunity to see how diverse, passionate, and dedicated CMU students are to their campus, no matter which campus from which they come."

photo of T.J. Murray

T.J. Murray (CIT'17)

"IMPAQT gave me an opportunity to meet people from around the globe. Qatar's culture, people, and way of life is so different from here, yet CMU still thrives in Doha. It was a unique trip—I really enjoyed learning more about Islam, the history of the Middle East, and other perceptions regarding the conflict in the Middle East today. IMPAQT made me love Qatar so much that I went back for a full semester!"

photo of Siriana Abboud

Siriana Abboud (DC’16)

“IMPAQT gave me the opportunity to experience Carnegie Mellon for the first time all over again. Like CMU in Pittsburgh, CMUQ is home to the world's most passionate and inspiring individuals. From Steel City to the Arabian Gulf, our campus cultures have different origins, but it is so obvious when you take your first step into CMUQ that you are still at Carnegie Mellon. At the end of the day, we all hold the same belief that our heart is in the work.”

photo of Nikita Maheshwari

Nikita Maheshwari (SCS’16)

“Despite a foreign culture in a faraway land, IMPAQT helped me find a home away from home.”

photo of Angela Ng

Angela Ng (CIT’16)

"The word impact never means the same thing to me again, because IMPAQT has changed my life. To be able to see passions of the Carnegie Mellon Dream-Doers across the world is truly one of a kind experience. To travel across the world and still feel at home is such an amazing opportunity. This experience will change the way you see other cultures, and change the way you see Carnegie Mellon."

photo of Joe Hill

Joe Hill (CFA'17)

"IMPAQT has been the most fulfilling experience I have had at CMU. I was able to extend my circle to include friends from all around the world and those friendships are still some of the strongest that I have made. I think even now I am discovering how much of an impact this experience has had on my life."

IMPAQT Group Dinner

Small group dinner with Doha IMPAQT 2017 team members and their Pittsburgh hosts.

First row: Jinsol Kim (Doha), Angela Ng (Pittsburgh), Jamison Cooley (Pittsburgh)

Back row: Lilian Chen (Pittsburgh), Ibrahim Ghous (Doha), Jimmy Hsia (Pittsburgh), Kholood Nooh (Doha), Faisal Mir (Pittsburgh), Sophia Cheng (Pittsburgh), Tom Cooley (Pittsburgh) and Ahmad Khanzada (Pittsburgh)

IMPAQT Alumni by Class Year


Spencer Burleigh (DC’20)
Kate Busatto (CFA’20)
Muling He (DC’21)
Selina Lee (CFA’20)
Jessica Lee (SCS’21)
Fausto Leyva (CIT’21)
Alejandra Meza (CFA’21)
Haider Nazir (DC’20)
Zachary Rapaport (CMU’20)
Lindsey Shi (Tepper’20)


Pankaj Bhojwani (CMU’20)
Michelle Madlansacay (DC’20)
Alan Menaged (MCS’19)
Sean Moore (DC’19)
Emily Parks (CIT’20)
Alex Rocha (MCS’21)
Daniel See (CMU’19)
Yingli Sieh (SCS’19)
Paloma Sierra-Hernandez (CMU’19)
Naviya Singla (SCS’19)


Fatema Almeshqab (CIT'18)
Mary Frances Candies (CFA'19)
Anagha Chandra (CIT'18)
Sophia Cheng (Tepper'18)
Lilian Chin (DC'18)
James Crnkovich (CIT'18)
Michael Dibacco (CIT'18)
Apoorva Havanur (DC'18)
Michael James (CFA'18)
Joyce Wang (CMU'19)


Josh Zak (CMU'17)
Kristen Smith (CIT'17)
LeShaun Jones (DC'17)
Jade Schiffer (DC'18)
Taylor Tabb (CIT'18)
Nikhil Choudhary (CIT'18)
Owen Stone (CFA'19)
Ahmad Khanzada (CIT'17)
Nick Wilson (CIT'17)
Meghana Valluri (DC'18)


Angela Ng (CIT'16)
Elizabeth Nolin (CFA'16)
Evan Wineland (DC'16)
Joe Hill (CFA'17)
Niki Maheshwari (SCS'15)
Olivia Roy (CIT'17)
Seyonna Christian (MCS'17)
Sirianna Abboud (DC'16)
TJ Murray (CIT'17)
Tias Sen (DC'17)


Ameya Kamat (CIT'16)
Becca Smith (DC'16)
Emily Khaykin (DC'15)
Gail Wilson (SCS'16)
Iman Mazloum (CMU'16)
Juan Acosta (DC'15)
Kaytie Nielsen (CMU'16)
Kevin Hunter (MCS'15)
Taylor Rawley (CFA'15)
Lachlan Lancaster (MCS'16)


Hira Ahmad (CIT'14)
Colin Chadderton (CIT'14)
Jay Chopra (DC'15)
Anshul Dhankher (CIT'14)
Maddie Gioffre (CIT'15)
Veronica Gnaman (DC'15)
Ranika Kejriwal (CIT'13)
Sanche Mabins (MCS'14)
Jack Michalak (SCS'16)
Tejasvi Samala (TSB'13)


Areej Ali (MSC'13)
Jettie Fields (DC'13)
Julia Constantine (DC'15)
Michelle Guarino (CFA'13)
Alejandra Mendoza (CIT'13)
Alexandra Polk (CFA'14)
Will Misitano (DC'15)


Arjun Katragadda (TSB'13)
Crismely Pena (DC'14)
Andres Velez (TSB'14)
Sara Mouhktar (DC'13)
Jessamyn Miller (CFA'12)
Daniel Chow (CFA'12)
Jennifer Major (DC'12)


Eda Akyar (CMU'11)
Bahati Mutisya (TSB'11)
Christine Peters (DC'11)
Cristian Young (CMU'11)
Frank Santiago (CIT'11)
Nicole Rappin (CMU'11)
Tarik Raed (TSB'11)
Meghan Nahass (DC'12)


Aliesha Jones (DC'11)
Jessica Wille (DC'10)
Josh Debner (CIT'11)
Lauren McMicken (DC'10)
Sarah Sheikh (TSB'10)
Caroline Kessler (DC'11)
Jessica Dickinson Goodman (DC'12)
Patrick Gage Kelley (SCS'09)
Jennifer Marlow (SCS'11)
Melvin Udeh (TSB'10)