Carnegie Mellon University

Fifth Year Scholars

Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought. 
Matsuo Basho

The Fifth Year Scholar program was founded at Carnegie Mellon in 1991 in response to a proposal from several student leaders and faculty members. The program provides a small number of exceptional undergraduate students the opportunity to remain on campus for one full year following the completion of their normal course of study. Fifth Year Scholars are supported by free tuition and a $7,000 fellowship. Designed to provide distinguished students with an opportunity to pursue a broadened educational experience while continuing to enhance the Carnegie Mellon community, the program offers students support in their personal and professional growth.

Past scholar community impact projects include a Business Administration major implementing "Summit," a conference-like experience that takes place prior to the opening of the spring semester and a Computer Science major spending her fifth year completing a gender studies minor while designing and installing an artistic piece in Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall that celebrates the accomplishments of women.  And a group of Fifth Year Scholars traveled to Carnegie Mellon Qatar and returned to propose the student exchange program IMPAQT - Initiating Meaningful Pittsburgh and Qatar Ties.

Each scholar builds on a tradition of excellence, and demonstrates a commitment to the Carnegie Mellon community through academic accomplishments and metacurricular involvement. Scholars contribute to the intellectual community in a range of activities including completing undergraduate research, serving as program directors, and participating on college-based advisory councils. The fifth year provides each scholar with an opportunity to pursue scholarly interests in new fields of study. Their individual projects, as well as group activities, continue to impact the university community.

Fifth Year Scholars demonstrate a thoughtful and creative approach to their Carnegie Mellon experience, and enhances the community in unique ways.  Carnegie Mellon is fortunate to have the richness of these students' talents on the campus for an additional year.