Carnegie Mellon University

Scholar Class of 2012-2013

Matt Biegler

Matt Biegler

Materials Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Psychology, Scholar Class of 2012-2013


"My social and academic experiences at Carnegie Mellon are something I would not trade for anything. I have always felt that the key to a happy mind is a happy home, and I cannot imagine myself the way I am today without the opportunities gained through my surroundings. My project in my Fifth Year will focus on emphasizing this idea, working on residential assignment programs so that students can be comfortable and enabled in their environment. Through community development, I hope individuals can begin to fully realize and maximize their potential."

It's not a reach to say that Matt really does bleed plaid. From Pittsburgh, he spent a lot of time as a child around campus, playing pool in the basement of the UC after school or spending countless summers utilizing the opportunities CMU threw his way. Now, looking back on a little more than three years of undergraduate study, Matt dedicated his time to benefit the campus as the Inter-fraternity Council President, a cutting edge researcher in molecular biology, and a passionate believer in a life of great friends, great food, and great music. Seeing the school for its incredible strengths and welcoming improvements, Matt is hoping to gather his skills and experience to develop virtual housing communities for the student body, fulfilling a niche to tap the potential of tomorrow's campus leaders and doers.  After his fifth year, Matt will look to pursue graduate education in neuroscience, using this time as a scholar to expand his horizons by learning how the mind works and interacts on a molecular basis to form our cognition and behavior.