Carnegie Mellon University

Scholar Class of 2008-2009

Mary DeForest

Mary Grace DeForest

Operation Research & Statistics, Scholar Class of 2008-2009


“The lessons to be learned within the walls of Carnegie Mellon are enough to fill many life times. Four years is only enough time to break the surface of possibilities. It is not a lack of options that has limited me, but a lack of time. I feel very privileged to remain for a fifth year and explore some of those areas I have not been able to as of yet.”

Since transferring to Carnegie Mellon as a sophomore, Grace DeForest has immersed herself in several aspect of the campus community. Academically, Grace has completeda double major in Operations Research and Statistics and is finishing her minors in both Economics and Business during her fifth year. She has been active in Student Affairs and Student Development as well as in her role on the University Judicial Board, in Greek Life and as Director of Strong Women, Strong Girls mentoring program.

Grace is particularly involved in community outreach and service focusing on youth empowerment in the greater Pittsburgh Community. During her Fifth year she is collaborating with several departments on campus to create a Senior Preparation Seminar Course, “A Focus on the Future” which aides Carnegie Mellon Seniors in the transition from undergrad-uate student into different post- Carnegie Mellon positions. Grace has continued to be in-volved in the Panhellenic and women’s communities and serves as a Teaching Assistant this year, but has found great pleasure in exploring new areas of campus life. In particular, she has founded a philanthropic organization, Up ‘Til Dawn to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Her favorite part of her fifth year has been in exploring avenues that she had not had the opportunity to take part in during her time at Carnegie Mellon and is even more committed to remaining involved in the future.

George Diabes

George Diabes

Chemistry, Hispanic Studies & Business Administration, Scholar Class of 2008-2009


“My time at Carnegie Mellon has provided me with an unparalleled amount of intellectual growth and personal development. This community has undoubtedly shaped the person I am today, and I would like to dedicate my efforts in my fifth year to provide the means for future students to do the same for others.”

As a Chemistry and Hispanic Studies double major with a minor in Business Administration, George has been afforded the opportunity to experience three unique perspectives of the Carnegie Mellon academic community. During his first four years, George explored interests in many areas, including Greek Life and Residence Life as a Community Advisor and Resident Assistant. In addition, he pursued musical opportunities such as Concert Choir as well as the Originals a cappella group.

George began his fifth year with a study abroad experience in Spain with the Estudio Sampere program. He elected to take coursework focusing in Business, History, and Spanish. George’s project, the CMUsic Lessons Program, provides an opportunity for undergraduate music majors to teach non-majors on campus. Private music instruction is available for voice, woodwind, brass, piano, and guitar and is widely expanding. Instructors will be able to gain valuable teaching experience they can build upon in their future careers in music education, while non-majors will be able to continue to pursue musical interests without the financial burden of private instruction in CFA. He is currently working on making the project sustainable through a website that students can self-post in the future.