Carnegie Mellon University

Scholar Class of 2011-2012

Jessica Goodman

Jessica Dickinson Goodman

Ethics, History & Public Policy with Vocal Performance Minor, Scholar Class of 2011-2012


"Carnegie Mellon's community of communities is for people with multiple intelligences. Its diversity makes it the right, through not always the most comfortable, place for me. In my Fifth Year, I plan to dig into more of these communities, seeking and describing experiences which are common to all of them."

Jessica is from the Bay Area in California, and struggles with snow.  She grew up in a dojo (Karate studio) where you kick like a girl is a compliment.  Though she teaches an occasional Self-Defense With Fruit workshop, at CMU she keeps her sparring intellectual.  Her biggest professional goal is to use her skills to help the most people possible while staying intellectually adventurous.  Jessica's Fifth Year Scholar project is an anthology of quotes and essays for rising Sophomores that will help them understand what interdisciplinary study can mean at CMU.  She believes that CMU students have the will and the skill to make our university a place where cross-college collaboration is unbounded by imagination and not hindered by perceived barriers.  She plans to work with mentors in a variety of disciplines, and involve as many underclassmen as she can tempt into the project.

Rachel Inman

Rachel Inman

Industrial Design with Business Administration Minor, Scholar Class of 2011-2012


"I became truly connected to Carnegie Mellon when I became connected to Pittsburgh. As the leader of the design outreach mentoring program, The CMU Mural Club, I discovered  the value in bringing knowledge from the lecture hall and studio to the larger community we all exist in-Pittsburgh. During my fifth year, I will strive to bring this same experience to my fellow students by giving them avenues to share their projects and passions with Pittsburgh middle school students in the first stages of thinking about their future."

As an Industrial Design major and Community Advisor. Rachel has learned what it means to foster community in both academic and residential settings. She began encouraging community through service during her sophomore year by creating an art and design-mentoring program in South Hills Middle School with a fellow design student. Now in its third year, the design-mentoring program, the CMU Mural Club, has been an outlet for CMU students in Design, Art, and Public Policy to use drawing and painting as outlets for talking with middle school students about peace, teamwork, and community. Rachel plans to use a similar program model for her Fifth Year community impact project, Bridges. The Bridges pilot program will launch in February 2011 and will allow CMU students from a variety of disciplines to share their projects, passions, and college experiences with students in five Pittsburgh middle schools. Academically, Rachel plans to focus on the areas of public  policy and urban development during her Fifth Year.