Carnegie Mellon University


This section should answer some of your questions regarding the program. Any additional questions can be directed to Renee Camerlengo, Fifth Year Scholars Program Advisor, via email.

Is there a minimum QPA requirement for becoming a Fifth Year Scholar?
While there is no QPA requirement, it is primarily an academic scholarship and strong evidence of academic rigor and intellectual curiosity are pivotal.

Can I use the Fifth Year Scholars Program to fulfill Medical/Law/Graduate School requirements?
While not specifically forbidding this, granting a fifth year for the sole purpose of fulfilling these requirements is not the intent of this program. One of the characteristics evaluated for each applicant is the desire for learning and intellectually broadening one’s perspective; often fulfilling professional school requirements does not fall under these categories.

If I am accepted as a Scholar, is my project set in stone? Can my project be changed if I work on developing it during my fourth year in order to implement the project during their fifth year?
Frequently, scholars alter projects in order to improve final outcomes.  Projects often evolve considerably during the fourth year and can differ from the original proposal.

When do Fifth Year Scholars graduate?
Scholars may choose to graduate at the end of either their fourth or fifth year. If a scholar wishes to complete an additional major during the fifth year, then they must wait to graduate until the end of the fifth year.

When will I hear the results of my application?
The selection process is usually completed by mid-April, and every attempt will be made to contact you before fall registration day.

What happens once I'm selected?
Once selected, you will be invited to participate in the end-of-year banquet at the end of your junior year. By September of your senior year, you should have read the Fifth Year Scholar Policies and Guidelines (pdf), and met with your advisor regarding the implementation of your proposal. By early October, you should have filled out the Fifth Year Scholars Checklist (pdf) and have submitted it.