The Division of Student Affairs (DOSA) has implemented an on-line ticketing system through a third party vendor (University Tickets) in order to facilitate and track ticket sales. This allows event organizers the ability to sell tickets online, manage attendance and sales more efficiently, and manage event entrances via scanning technology. DOSA would like to offer this service to the campus community. is an online, customizable site that integrates with Shibboleth to be able to return affiliation, student class status, and more. It collects information that will allow administrators to contact event attendees in the event of a change and has multiple levels of admin features that allows for a back-end system that works for our campus. The scanning technology provides groups the ability to check how many people are in attendance, prevent counterfeit tickets, and even check people in off-line. All revenues are transferred directly to a University bank account with reports that indicate how revenue should be credited to each individual oracle account associated with an event.

Campus Partners are invited to participate in this system which will be administered by the Division of Student Affairs. There will be no administrative charge assessed by the Division of Student Affairs for the use of this system in year one. The division will evaluate usage after year one and determine going forward if an administrative fee will be implemented.

Requesting a Sale

To request a sale on, please complete the Online Tickets Request Form. Student Organizations and Greek Chapters should use this form instead: Add a Sale to - Student Organizations and Greek Organizations. If you are a part of the Office of Residential Education, please email Lauren Lesko to request a sale.

Request forms must be submitted two weeks prior to the on-sale date. This request form has been set up to employ conditional logic based on the type of sale the requestor is intending to set up. The types of sales are as follows:

-          Event sale
-          Item sale
-          Dues collection sale
-          Other sale

Each request will be reviewed by the DOSA administrator who will work with the requestor to set up the event on If required, the DOSA administrator can give the requestor (or his/her representative) access to editing and viewing privileges for that particular event.

Sales can be publicly displayed or privately accessible via a distributed link. Tickets can be sold at varying prices levels and/or tracked/restricted based on class level, CMU guest, faculty/staff or general public. At this time, we are unable to differentiate alumni from general public.

Tickets are general admission only and cannot be mapped to a seating chart. However, VIP and/or specialty tickets can be designated as a group.

Ticket Scanners

Organizations can reserve ticket scanners so that individuals can be admitted to an event or items purchased through the system can be marked as picked up. Scanners are rented on a per event basis from University Tickets at the cost $125/scanner per event. Scanners can be rented on an annual basis for $750/scanner per year.

A scanner is not required for an event. If needed, scanners must be requested two weeks prior to the date of event.

The DOSA admin will coordinate the ordering and distribution of the scanner. The fee for the scanner will be charged directly to the oracle string of the department/organization responsible for the event.

Convenience and Credit Card Fees

University Tickets charges convenience fees based on the cost of the ticket. It is the policy of the Division of Student Affairs that this fee be passed on to the ticket buyer as a separate cost and not imbedded into the ticket price. Fees ranges from $0.50 for tickets sold under$10, $1.00 for tickets sold $10 - $19.99, and $2.00 for tickets sold $20 and up. There is no convenience fee when there is no charge for a ticket.

Credit Card fees are assessed at an average of 5-6% of total sale and are paid by the group receiving the event revenue. These fees are calculated based on actual sales and are deducted from revenue credited to the organization per event.

Additionally, the university’s administrative fee of 12% will apply to external ticket sales (sales made to non-CMU faculty/staff/students).

Financial Management

A Senior Financial Manager for the Division of Student Affairs will manage the transfer of money from University Tickets into individual accounts. Upon receipt of the monthly revenue check, he/she will run the necessary revenue reports, University Tickets fee reports, and credit card fee estimations to determine the portion to be transferred to each group indicated via Account Number entered at the event’s creation. These account numbers will correspond to the appropriate Oracle string as provided by the organization.

Our purchasing policy states “No refunds or exchanges.  In the case of event cancellation, refunds will be managed by the event organizer. Charge will appear as University Tickets on your credit card statement.” This appears when a purchaser inputs credit card information to pay for a ticket. 

General Questions

For questions on this program, please contact Rita Ciccariello, Senior Financial Manager, Division of Student Affairs at or 412-268-1787. shall be the central email account for Carnegie Mellon Tickets for customer inquiries. The Senior Administrative Assistant and Office Coordinator in the Office of Student Leadership, Involvement, and Civic Engagement will monitor the account and forward related inquiries to the appropriate administrator.