Carnegie Mellon University

OpenSimon Code

Our free-to-use, open codebases provide tested and proven solutions that you can implement into your current learning platform. You can also use the code to create new and better tools.

We are always looking to partner with collaborators interested in solving a particular educational technology problem. For example, if you are interested in setting up your own instance of our course delivery platform or creating new components in LearnSphere, we have many options for developers to be an active part of the OpenSimon community.

Even for educators without programming experience, there are ways to share your educational technology efforts and create advanced activities for your students or create your own analysis workflows in our Tigris application in LearnSphere.

Explore the Github repositories below for each of our openly-licensed tools and contact us if you are interested in shared projects, contributing back to the codebases or taking on further tool development for a project.

Available Codebases and associated license information: