Carnegie Mellon University

The Simon Initiative Product and Community Manager


Erin Czerwinski joined Carnegie Mellon University’s The Simon Initiative as the Product and Community Manager in September, 2018. Erin is leading the charge to advance the university’s strategic initiative to be the leader in Learning Science and Learning Engineering, collaborating with strategic partners toward improving outcomes for all learners. Erin’s background is in defining and using sound learning science methodologies, best practices, and overall product quality guidelines to deliver impactful online learning experiences. She possesses over a decade’s worth of experience effectively designing, implementing, evaluating, and improving e-learning courses, curricula, and platforms. Before joining the Simon Initiative, Erin provided this leadership to the General Education curriculum as Curriculum Program Manager over Humanities and Social Sciences at Western Governors University (WGU). There, she regularly reviewed and generated strategies for curriculum improvement based on student engagement and performance data, ensuring the overall health and quality of the curriculum in support of programs and accreditation standards across WGU’s four colleges. Formerly the Director of Learning Engineering at Acrobatiq, Inc., Erin has also held positions at CMU’s Open Learning Initiative, and CMU’s Software Engineering Institute, where she led teams composed of faculty, instructional designers, multi-media experts, programmers, editors and more in many different subject-areas. She holds bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Business Management from Chatham University, and a master’s in Education from Duquesne University. 

Contact Erin by email at, or by phone at 412-268-8577.