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Thursday, October 29, 2020 - The Student Cognition Toolbox: Empowering Students to Become Better Learners

October 29 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT | Free

Please join us for a special event on Thursday, October 29, when Catherine Overson and Victor Benassi of University of New Hampshire's Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Learning will present a webinar on the latest edition of the Student Cognition Toolbox (SCT).

Students enter college with a variety of past experiences and beliefs about how to prepare for assessments of their academic performance. Considerable prior research supports that most students prefer and use study strategies that are ineffective relative to strategies supported by applied research on cognition. In addition, this research shows that different study strategies are needed for different learning goals—one size does not fit all.

In response, we have developed, implemented, and assessed the impact of a comprehensive set of online instructional lessons within a ‘course,’ the Student Cognition Toolbox, situated within the Open Learning Initiative (OLI) that informs students about cognitively-supported effective and efficient study strategies. A distinctive feature of our Toolbox is that the lessons include a practice component that will assist students in mastery of that study strategy.

This session will comprise a tour of the latest edition of the SCT that incorporates multiple opportunities for student reflections, from which we are able to collect information vital to make iterative improvements and refinements for subsequent editions of the SCT. In addition to the ‘standard’ (default) introductory psychology version of the SCT, we are also developing SCT discipline-specific versions (e.g., statistics, biology, chemistry).

In addition to the tour of the SCT, we will discuss how the SCT may be used by Independent Learners or by instructors who choose to have students enrolled in an academic course (including courses that use OLI course materials) complete the SCT as part of their course requirements and/or optional activities.

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