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March 26, 2023

Our Region's Business: CMRA and Pittsburgh Technical College featured on segment

By Vu Nguyen


March 26, 2023 - PITTSBURGH, PA - Dr. Harvey-Smith, President/CEO of Pittsburgh Technical College, and Vu Nguyen, Co-Director of Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy (CMRA), talked about PTC and CMRA's partnership on Bill Flanagan's Our Region's Business.

Take a look at the segment by clicking the link below:

Our Region's Business - Carnegie Mellon University and Pittsburgh Technical College


PTC’s new RAET program — developed in partnership with Pittsburgh-based Aurora Innovation, LLC, a leader in autonomous driving innovation — is a multi-disciplinary approach tailored to train service engineer technicians — the skilled “doers” required to build, maintain, service and customize robotic and autonomous systems. The six-quarter program is designed to professionally prepare and support students’ futures in a wide range of applications, as robotics innovation is becoming more commonplace in industries such as healthcare, education and manufacturing.

The hands-on, 18-month multi-disciplinary program specifically geared toward service engineer technicians is a combination of PTC’s electronics, mechanical engineering, electrician and information systems technology curriculum that leverages robotics, electronics and CAD technology for a comprehensive education. As part of the curriculum, all students partake in an internship program, or capstone project, in the final quarter before entering the workforce.

Visit PTC’s website for more information about their RAET program!