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February 01, 2024

CMRA runs SMART Robotics Technician program with local charter school

By Vu Nguyen

Jan 17, 2024 - PITTSBURGH, PA - Passport Academy Charter School (PACS), located in downtown Pittsburgh, provides a second chance at education for under-credited students aged 16-21. This tuition-free public high school blends traditional and online learning, offering a flexible, supportive environment tailored to individual academic needs and encouraging students to achieve their high school diplomas.

Since the start of the school year of 2023-24, CMRA has been offering the SMART Robotics Technician program at PACS to give students pathways toward a career in robotics. As part of a two-year program, students gain experience, using tools, wiring, circuits, assembling a robot, troubleshooting, and many more project-based activities. As typical with smart aunts, students are asked to upload evidence in the form of pictures, videos, drawings, or programs. By the end of the program, students have their digital portfolio to be able to share with future employers or to further their education. 

One aspect of this particular program is that they receive a stipend for Completing the modules, and also a laptop to take with them after the program is done. The program is sponsored by the PA Department of labor, through the schools to work grants. 

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