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March 23, 2022

New Century Careers shows High School Students their Tuition-Free Programs

By Vu Nguyen

March 23, 2022 - PITTSBURGH, PA -Students from Clairton City high school were given the chance to tour new Century Careers is Training Center to get a feel for the types of equipment, tools, and other machines that the workforce in manufacturing uses every day. Patrick Bendel, Special Projects/Outreach Coordinator for New Century Careers, lead the pack along with Tasia Armstead, Student Services and Development Associate.

The students were shown machines like CNC routers, lathes, drills, sanders, robotic arms, and precision tools. New Century Careers always has students in the training center who are at various points in their training. Companies from all over reach out to new chantry careers in order to hire due to the growing need and dwindling  workforce. Not many people know about the offerings that are here, especially that their programs are absolutely tuition-free.

It was a pleasure to work with the Will Allen Foundation to host the students from Clairton to give them a better sense of their options once they complete the SMART robotics technician pre-apprenticeship program. New Century Careers is the sponsor for the official Pennsylvania Robotics Technician apprenticeship program. To learn more, click here.